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Sailing charter in Tuscany
Students deepen confidence gained  in the marine environment to face the novelty due to  large size boats and life on board.  The course is aimed to provide specialized training to use as personal awareness or in preparation for a private license  examination.

Cabin Cruisers Course

sailing charter

The ultimate goal is the ability to manage independently a crew and a large tonnage boat.

Skills achieved:

  • Proper use and research of  weather informations , receipt and use of weather charts,
  • Checks before you go sailing,
  • Sail safely and,  in case of adverse weather conditions, knowing how and  when to seek refuge,
  • Programming and study a sailing route, keeping the logbook, problems related to cartography, essential  bibliography for routing,
  • Anchoring and  mooring in port and  at  haven: anchorage control and  use of  the tender as a  maneuvering tool,
  • How to prevent the most common  hazards on board, use of safety equipment,
  • Management and organization on board: pharmacy, galley, essential library ,
  • Know the boat: the most  important maintenance and repair of engine, electrical system, plumbing,
  • Thorough knowledge and  use of  gear: VHF DSC radio, GPS, EPIRB, Radar.

The crew is an indissoluble unity. The complexity of the tasks asks for a constant cooperation and participation of each  individual . Each role on board  is necessary  and respectable: there is not only the master and he has been qualified sailor for many years. Before one (you) assume  the management responsibility of the boat, one must be able to perform every role and task as best as one can.

Specific skills or knowledge required by  the most complex tasks must be learned and realized independently.

In this perspective, satisfaction is to achieve a fixed goal through the efforts of the entire crew  involved  in every step of navigation: food and beverage organization in the galley, supplies, tracing  the course on your nautical chart, departure, participation  in rounds guard and at the helm, cooperation in the kitchen, updating the logbook, the maneuvers in the sea and  in port.

Finally, the goal is reached and the crew can experience how the joint efforts can achieve goals before seemed impossible i.e. to reach far away destinations  without GPS (though appreciating its tools!).