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Windsurfing School

Basic level:              250 euro - 5 lessons 3 hours each
Private tuition:         50 euro/hour - (2 hours compulsories)
2 persons lesson:    30 euro/hour - (3 hours compulsories)
3 persons lesson:    25 euro/hour - (3 hours compulsories)

Windsurfing school in Talamone (Grosseto), Tuscany
Recovering the sail from the water, mastering how to balance on a board and maintaining an ergonomic posture, not harmful to our body. It may seem like a game of strength, but it is not.

windsurf school

The most talented windsurfers are not giants and female athletes are often the most harmonious and supple windsurfers on a board.

Achieving skills of balance and responsiveness, pupils improve quickly from the basics of sailboards large equipment up to lighter equipment to have fun with the waves and the wind. The use of the simulator and the constant comparison with the instructors are great support at all stages of learning.

Gliding on fast and manoeuvrable boards to experience a direct contact with the wind and the sea. The course is a gradual preparation to manage boards progressively to higher performance, starting from simple and stable boards, then to approach speed and maneuver models through waves. Practical lessons alongside insights into sailing theory through the courses for beginners, advanced and race.