Dinghy sailing school-scuola vela Blutribu

Dinghy sailing school-scuola vela Blutribu

Dinghy windsurf school Talamone Tuscany


Sailing school in Talamone (Grosseto), Tuscany Operating small sailing boats and catamarans up to 4 meters long  - Happy Cat Evolution, Grabner - is a funny activity. At the same time, it offers a sound sailing and sporting background to those who want to go beyond that and aim at operating bigger boats. Technical boating knowledge and manoeuvring are improved with theory and practice through beginners, advanced and regatta courses. Based on the pupil’s previous experience, it offers three levels of learning: Sailing Basics, Buoy Rounding, and Regatta.

Sailing Basics is a course designed for sailing beginners. Pupils approach seamanship and learn how to use the wind, the natural power that moves big vessels, for the first time. The movement of a boat shall follow the wind direction and power of the waves. These are natural resources to become familiar with in a positive way. Teaching methods will be adjusted to the learning curve and limits of each group. The course offers basic theoretical and practical knowledge to those who want to operate boats autonomously, under normal weather and sea conditions, i.e. little wind and calm sea. The skills acquired by pupils upon completing the course are the following: knowledge of winds and orientation, manoeuvring, speed, sailing equipment, sail dynamics, and knots. The acquired abilities include: hauling in and slacking a sail, bearing away and hauling the wind, moving along three type of speed (sailing away, sailing close to the wind, and sailing in a beam reach), and tacking.

Buoy Rounding
This course teaches pupils how to improve manoeuvring and gain sailing expertise. Pupils will be required to further their knowledge of the marine environment through study and observation in order to be able to face strong wind and implement advance manoeuvring. As the speed of manoeuvring increases, cooperating with other members of the crew becomes essential. The final objective of this course is to learn how to have full control over a boat and master a crew. Participating in amateur regatta will prompt you to improve your skills. After completing this course you will understand wind speed and its influence on the wave power as well as how to achieve proper sail trim in relation to wind speed and wave height. The acquired skills include: tacking, coming about, changing the point of sail (including sailing before the wind), sailing in the open sea and returning to the ground, and following a regatta route among buoys.


Regatta is a course designed for those pupils who want to sail with other people, such as other pupils and instructors, and engage in regattas that gradually get more challenging. The core competencies acquired in the Sailing Basics course and Buoy Rounding course are reinforced during games and amateur competitions. During club and competitive regattas pupils will have the chance to test their abilities and implement the advanced sailing techniques learned in the previous courses through games. This course offers theoretical and practical knowledge of regatta rules, the right to way, sailing with compensated time, starting, and regatta strategies. Manoeuvring on the dinghy training ship will focus on achieving good navigation time, optimising speed, and adjusting sails appropriately. 

Windsurfing school in Talamone (Grosseto), Tuscany

Recovering the sail from the water, mastering how to balance on a board and maintaining an ergonomic posture, not harmful to our body. It may seem like a game of strength, but it is not. The most talented windsurfers are not giants and female athletes are often the most harmonious and supple windsurfers on a board. Achieving skills of balance and responsiveness, pupils improve quickly from the basics of sailboards large equipment up to lighter equipment to have fun with the waves and the wind. The use of the simulator and the constant comparison with the instructors are great support at all stages of learning. Gliding on fast and manoeuvrable boards to experience a direct contact with the wind and the sea. The course is a gradual preparation to manage boards progressively to higher performance, starting from simple and stable boards, then to approach speed and maneuver models through waves. Practical lessons alongside insights into sailing theory through the courses for beginners, advanced and race.